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Corporate Training Modules-


Rise Global Academy - Corporate Training modules at Rise help an individual meet the ever increasing demand for better productivity and a bright future. Rise offers general and business English, communication skills training the trainer, as well as benchmarking and evaluation of English skills.

Soft Skills Training

In the current scenario of global competition, organizations have realized the role of soft skills training' in development and growth of their business. To enhance professionalism among employees and represent the brand effectively in the market, 'soft skills training' has been identified the one of the most imperative factor.
Training in the areas such as Communication skill, Email etiquette, telephone etiquette, listening skills transform the employees and inculcate an attitude that is required to represent the organization to the global business world.
Rise Soft Skills Training module focuses on training and development with a holistic approach and customizes the training programs as per our client's requirement.

Communication Skills Training

Communication is at heart of everything we do in business, yet poor communication is a huge problem for business and individuals causing low morale, poor performance and high staff turnover. If your organization wants to be successful in business, it is worth training the staff to communicate efficiently.

Rise communication skill module aims at:-

» Firm foundations: Enhances the essentials of communication one can take in any situation.
» Body basics: Enhances non verbal communication
» Team Talk: Enhances the run-down on communicating with colleagues, superiors and clients.
» Making most of the meetings: Helps individual to develop communication strategies for a meeting or presentation.
» Selling successfully: Develops an individual on how to communicate effectively with clients.
» Ditching the difficulties: Enhances an individual to deal with difficult situations.
» The art of getting the message across effectively is a vital key to be successful. Whether you want your employees to make presentations with confidence or to negotiate with ease, these modules will help improve communication skills.

The key elements of these modules lay emphasis on the following:

1. What are different styles of communication (Verbal, Non-verbal, Listening)
2. Exchanging Information
3. Communicating for results
This interactive course focuses on all aspects of communication. One will learn about developing Assertive Communication and a Dynamic Body Language, self-awareness, empathy, confidence, body language, questioning styles, and many related topics. The course is full of exercises to give hands on experience on mastering the art of communication.
The rise module is designed to accommodate two types of delegates with optional content that are provided. Some contents are ideal for delegates who know each other and are perhaps working as a team and want to enhance their inter-communication skills. A difference set of optional content is ideal for delegates who don't know each other and are looking forward to improve their general communication skills with colleagues, clients, managers and employees.

Sales & Marketing Training

Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning a prospect into a customer can be very complex process one needs to master. Effective and high performance selling is important to the success of almost every kind of business. It requires one to convince someone, that there is something for them in making their decision to make a purchase by spending some of their hard-earned money. Rise Sales and Marketing module will give participants a basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale.
The end result includes- participants will become more confident, handle objections, and learning how to be a great closer. Apart from selling successfully, this module will help participants to organize themselves, understanding and working with customer needs, to build essential skills such as presenting and negotiating.

The key components of this module are as follows:

» Common sales approaches and types of sale
» Performing customer need analysis
» Basic opening for cold calls
» How to answer the burning questions that every customer asks
» How to deal with common objections
» Sealing the deal - powerful closing techniques
» Thank you notes and staying in touch with customers
» Resolving customer issues without losing one
» Setting your sales goals
» Managing customer data efficiently with technology

Customer Service

Today how your organization delivers your products and services are as important as what they are. Competing goods and services don't differ greatly from each other, so customers will choose where to shop based on the service they get. Before they consider spending any money, customers will already know whether they trust you and like you. They will have judged what you look like, what you sound like and how responsive you are.
The only way to create customer satisfaction is to under promise and over deliver. It is the internal customers of an organisation that strive to provide satisfaction to their external customers.

In order to achieve this, you need to have certain insights about your staff:
» Is your staff skilled enough to understand customer service matters to fulfil organisational needs?
» Do they turn complaints into opportunities? They match and fulfil the needs of their customers to generate satisfaction?
» Do they communicate and listen effectively to decode the customer's requirements?

Key components of this module are:

» Understanding what are customers and customer service
» Establishing a positive attitude - Appearance, power smile, staying Energized
» Identifying and addressing customer needs
» Generating return business
» Turning difficult customers around
» In-Person customer Service
» Delivering customer service over the phone
» Providing electronic customer service
» Recovering difficult customers

Time Management

Everybody has to manage their time to some extent whether it be at home or at work - or both. The sequence in which one performs tasks on an everyday basis has a profound effect on how much they get out of their life. Most people have the capacity to manage their time better, and doing so makes their working more productive and fulfilling.
This module teaches how one can improve their use of time. There is a saying "Even a world leader only has 24 hrs in a day!" Everyone wants to make the best use of their time, but has limitations. Every individual has a different personality from the other. This module teaches two basic ideas: one is to work efficiently - Second is to see that you have all the systems in place so that things go smoothly, making the best use of the resources available.

The key components of this module are:

» How different people look at time and what are the mental techniques can one use to increase your productivity.
» What stops you from starting a task and how can you overcome it?
» Dealing with procrastination.
» Setting goals systematically to maximize productivity
» The best way to plan meetings to make the best use of time
» The power of saying 'NO' - Dealing with interruptions politely and staying in control of time.

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

» Control their thoughts with the attitude that they maximize time efficiency
» Manage their goals efficiently
» Organize their life and free their minds of less important tasks
» Respond to deadlines get maximum results
» Say 'NO' and to love it

Stress Management

Today, we live in a world full of demands, personal and professional. With the increasing demands, meeting deadlines, increasing productivity, achieving targets, facing competition, our lives have become nothing, but more complex. With so much to accomplish keeping in mind our time constraints, stress is inevitable. The only way to handle a stressful day is to learn how to manage it; this is possible only by acquiring skills on how to handle stress.

At the end of rise stress management course, participants will be able to :

» Understand the causes and dangers of stress
» Navigate from negativity
» Maintain productivity at its optimum level
» Manage time effectively
» Deal with every situation practically, logically and positively

Presentation Skills

In an organization you need to give, effective presentations. The main purpose as a presenter is to deliver a message which creates an impact on the audience. Presenting is all about having an impact. You want everyone to understand your message and get it to stick to it. This course addresses these concepts using the latest trends in presentation design and delivery.
This module covers all of the above areas by using a variety of interactive and practical exercises which prepare the participants for their ultimate presentation.

This module focuses on the following components with latest practices in presentation skills especially in business and academic environments.
» Creating the presentation with the respective audience in mind
» Choosing the basic and advanced delivery Methods
» Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills
» Overcoming Nervousness while presenting
» Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
» Making an engaging story that the audience will remember
» Becoming a communicator rather than acting only as a presenter
» Keeping the audience out of boredom
» How to handle difficult questions from the audience
» Making your presentation viral so that your audience will spread your message through word of mouth

Email Etiquette

A recent study reflected that over 50% of businesses still do not offer any sort of E-mail Etiquette Training to their employees. Many employees, customer service representatives and business owners themselves seem lost when it comes to business e-mail etiquette and proper practices to be followed while emailing.
In business, on or off-line, impressions are everything. Think about it... off-line you notice what people wear, how they present themselves, the quality of their business cards etc.
The very same applies online. As an example, if you e-mail in one liners, do not spell check your email, do not use proper sentence structure or lack basic grammar rules, how do you think that reflects on you and your business? Not good, right?

E-mail Etiquette is simply a set of basic skills that we all need to be aware of and practice to make sure your business thrives both off and online.

By the end of this course, participants will learn:

» How to make the best use of emails
» Email structures to achieve clarity and successful communication
» To write for the reader - effective subject lines
» Email effectiveness - Managing recipients and messages
» Perfect grammar because it matters
» Learn to write professionally and brand Broadcast emails
» Learn to avoid senders regret by proof reading
» Understand 'netiquette'
» Master the inbox using some core principles and email functions
» Attaching files to an e-mail Vs web links
» Email policies - Forwards, viruses, disclaimers
» Email effectiveness - Managing recipients and messages

Telephone Etiquette

The world has become more compact with the growing use of a telephone & mobile phones. Today, most of the products and services are just a tinkle away. As a lot of business deals take place over phone calls, it is essential to follow certain telephone etiquette as we no longer enjoy the benefits of understanding our customers through their facial expressions and body language. To achieve credibility over a call, it is imperative to communicate in an effective and a professional manner.
This course imparts practical training through role plays and mock calls. The candidates are trained and assessed on how to make and handle calls, put a customer on hold, handle an irate customer patiently, ending a call, using the correct tone, use of courteous words and maintaining energy levels throughout the call.

At the end of this course, a candidate will be able to:

» Understand the call structure
» Extract information from customers without annoying them
» Listen and analyze customer's needs
» Handle complicated situations efficiently
» Deal with different types of callers assertively
» Leave a positive and lasting impression in the mind of customers

Train The Trainer

Delivering a training course requires expertise in the domain. A trainer must know the subject well, be able to communicate well, know how training works, have a high level of empathy to understand what participants are expecting from the training and be able to show enthusiasm about the content.
The skills required to train individuals can be mastered with correct training. Trainers must feel confident about the domain they are training on and should be confident enough to deliver and match the expectations of the participants.

A important skill a trainer must acquire is distinction - which can only be acquired through practice and persistence.
This module trains the trainer at rise to acquire all the required skills to design and deliver an effective training session keeping in mind the participants learning pattern. This module is designed to take place over a period of 55 hrs to suit the trainers' needs and time available for training.
The Train the Trainer course prepares participants to deliver outstanding training sessions regardless of the topic. Participants who go through this course can easily pick up the required delivery skills and would know how best to present it best.

The key components of this training module include:

» Understanding how learning works
» Different Instructional methods- teach by examples
» Designing, sequencing and balancing the delivery the content
» Delivering the information to increase memory retention and learning
» Enhancing training with games, simulations, case studies and role plays
» Delivering using effective verbal communication skills
» Confidence and using correct body language
» Handling questions and questioning strategies
» Delivery tools - Multimedia projectors, AV equipments, PowerPoint slides development
» Feedback process and certification

Interpersonal Skills

"When people are like each other they tend to like each other."
These Interpersonal skills training modules are designed for managers and senior managers who wish to increase their self awareness and improve the way they relate to others in order to work more effectively and to sustain high quality working relationships. These address the underlying attitudes, which form a manager's interpersonal skills. Participants will learn how to shift unhelpful attitudes and experience ways of expressing themselves more fully and effectively at work.

Having completed Rise Interpersonal Skills modules participants will be able to:

» Understand basic Personality Traits in human beings
» Create Self Awareness towards Mental & Emotional Bondages
» Understand how they use their energy to work effectively
» Learn how to manage themselves better, especially when facing work situations which cause them stress
» Be more aware of the impact they have on other people.
» Be more skilful at understanding how and why other people behave and react as they do

Conflict Management

Here is a sad truth: Conflict is inevitable. People disagree. People argue. Sometimes, there is conflict.
Conflict management is a way of resolving conflict early, by means of skilled communication and negotiation. We need to know how to nip the problem in the bud; and how to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand.
Do you handle conflicts well? Or not? Do you sometimes come on too strong? Or are you, on occasion, not strong enough? Some people are too passive.
The best way to resolve conflicts is to develop a rational approach to all people and all problems. Use reason, as opposed to either a high-emotional approach or avoidance.
RISE Training on Conflict Management helps your teams to develop their skills as rational conflict managers.

During this training, you will learn exactly how to handle conflict situations and difficult people. You will learn what to do:

» If you believe that the conflicts may sometimes be based on a miscommunication
» If you have to handle strong, confident characters that you find difficult to deal with
» If you have to handle moody, emotional characters that you also find difficult
» If you sometimes lose your temper and make the conflict situation worse - not better, by saying too much
» If you leave it and just hope the situation will resolve itself
» If you wait and wait and wait....and then let rip!
» If you sometimes say to yourself "I know what I mean but I can't explain it"
» If you are unsure when it is right and when it is NOT right, to compromise

Benefits of this conflict management training

1. You will feel more confident during all conflict situations.
2. You will get the best possible result from the situation with the minimum fuss, in the shortest possible time.
3. You will avoid all the expense, perils and emotional turmoil of a badly managed conflict situation.
4. You will feel happy to handle conflict situations involving even the most difficult people.

Leadership Training

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
Rise Leadership training modules are designed to help all managers and leaders develop the essential skills to influence and motivate staff to achieve exceptional performance. The more leadership styles you have, the more situations you can handle. These modules increase your awareness of your current leadership style and abilities. You will also appreciate the impact your leadership style has on those who work with you. The course then provides you with a tool-kit of ideas to increase your leadership skills back in the workplace. That will strengthen your techniques for managing the performance of your team and build desirable leadership traits in your personality.

With this module the participants would develop:-

» Assertive Communication and a Dynamic Body Language
» Build Winning Qualities, Strengths and a Pleasing Personality
» Create goals to attain a Positive Attitude and Self-Confidence
» Identify the link between Motivation and Employee Performance
» See Every Day Problems with a Creative Mindset
» Project a Successful and Dynamic Personality
RISE offers A Unique & Comprehensive Training "In Pursuit of Excellence"
This unique workshop of 3 days has immensely helped many organizations as it has provided a holistic approach to developing 'High Performing Teams'

Key Highlights of 'In Pursuit of Excellence' Workshop:

» Energizing The Body & Mind
» Unleashing The Potential In You & Your Organization
» Team Building & Team Bonding
» Mastering Time Management
» Stress Management, Successful Selling Skills
» Excellence In Customer Care
» The Art Of Leadership
With corporate training at Rise you would emerge a changed individual and a master professional
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