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SAT Coaching in Gurgaon


RISE provides customized training to help with you getting the best scores in SAT. SAT coaching in Gurgaon by RISE covers all aspects and sections of the exams and includes a comprehensive set of study materials and actual SAT test papers as mock tests. We ensure that the faculty is available to help students on a more personal, one-on-one level. Students are encouraged to approach their instructors at anytime with questions or difficulties they have.
Once you receive your scores, we also provide admissions counselling sessions that will help you use your scores to achieve the highest quality university education possible.
We also help with complete assistance in choosing universities, editing essays, filling out applications, and preparing for interviews.
About RISE Global Academy
RISE Global Academy is one of the top global academies for SAT preparation in Gurgaon, Delhi, Chandigarh and Dubai.
RISE Global Academy under tie-up with College Board, is dedicated to promoting excellence and quality in education. We help the students with a thorough preparation for SAT, and further with the detailed process of the students getting admitted into the best graduate schools of their choice
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About SAT
SAT measures Mathematical, Reading and Writing skills. The test helps Undergraduate Schools to assess the potential of the applicants for advanced studies. Universities in the US, while inviting applications from prospective students, ask for SAT scores.
SAT is entirely a paper-based Test. It is scored on a maximum of 1600. SAT1 score is one of the major factors for getting admission into a graduate school of your choice. SAT has following sections – Mathematics, Reading test and Writing and Language test.
SAT Classes in Gurgaon
Scoring scale for SAT
» The Mathematics section is scored on a scale of 200-800
» The Critical Reading section is scored on a scale of 200-800
» The Essay is scored separately on a scale of 2-8
» The entire SAT® test score ranges from 400-1600
If you have given SAT earlier, it is very important to note that the SAT has undergone a change in the test structure & syllabus as shown below:

Old SAT Vs New SAT- An Overview
Scoring out of a total score of 2400Scoring out of a total score of 1600
Negative MarkingNo Negative marking
Less time per questionMore time per question
( 16 fewer questions than the old version)
More Emphasis on VocabularyNo direct testing of Vocabulary,
more Reading and Grammar oriented
Less emphasis on MathsMaths syllabus expandeds
The new SAT scores allow both students and colleges to get a more in-depth look at the student’s performance on the test as it offers detailed sub-score for the test for each students.
Advantages of the New SAT Scoring Scale
» Doesn’t penalize students for guessing wrong answer, so students have the opportunity to benefit even if they aren’t certain about an answer.
» Students can now determine where they can improve their performance by looking at the details on the redesigned score report.
» The essay is optional
SAT Subject Test or SAT II
Subject Tests (formerly SAT II: Subject Tests) are designed to measure a student’s knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, as well as his ability to apply that knowledge. Students who want to apply to the Top 15-20 universities in the US are required to take the SAT Subject Test.
The examination is entirely a paper-based test. The test is scored on a maximum of 800. SAT Subject tests are one-hour tests offered in the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths Level 1, Maths Level 2, English Literature, US History, World History and Languages.
The US-based College Board is responsible for setting questions, conducting the test and sending score reports to each student. For detailed information about the SAT, please refer to the official website of SAT-www.collegeboard.com
What is the cost of NEW SAT exam?
The registration fee for taking New SAT® is $92 (plus $11.5 with essay).
How many times in a year is the SAT® exam held? Both SAT® I and SAT® II are offered 6 times a year in India. They are offered in May, June, October, November, December and January. One cannot take SAT® I and SAT® II on the same day.
Does admission to universities depend only on SAT® scores? It is one of the various criteria that the admission council looks at. However, a good SAT® score does improve your chances of getting admission and financial aid
How do I register for the SAT®?
You can register online or by mail. The detailed information about registering for the SAT® can be found atwww.collegeboard.com
How many times can I take the SAT®?
SAT can be taken unlimited number of times.(It is highly advisable not to appear for SAT® too many times as it may affect the applicant’s candidature).
What is the validity of the SAT® exam?
Your SAT® score will be valid for 5 years from the date the test was taken
What is the scoring pattern of New SAT?
» The Mathematics section is scored on a scale of 200-800
» The Critical Reading section is scored on a scale of 200-800
» The Essay is scored separately on a scale of 2-8
» The entire SAT® I score ranges from 400-1600
How soon do I get my score?
The scores are available 3 weeks after the exam date.
If I take the SAT® more than once, which score will be considered by the universities?
Almost all the universities take the best score.
Do I need to have the SAT® score at the time of applying to universities?
No, you do not need to have the SAT® score with you at the time of applying.
Is essay required in the new SAT?
A lot of the top 50 colleges require or recommend the essay. The exhaustive list of colleges that require the essay in the new SAT can be found here:https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register/college-essay-policies
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