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» Be More Confident, Impressive and Admired
» Feel like a 'Great Personality'
» Academic knowledge is not enough.
» Experience International Finishing School and Soft Skills training
» Make Positive and Powerful Impressions for Personal & Professional Success.
This course is aimed at equipping you with the ability to style yourself aesthetically, in order to meet the challenges of looking your best, whatever the occasion. Our dynamic lives demand that we be ready to put our best foot forward in every role that we are required to play. This course aims at imparting holistic value addition to personal enhancement by vastly improving non-verbal communication by using various tools such as personal styling, appearance management, social etiquette and many others which will have a direct impact on creating a lasting impression and how you want the world to perceive you.
The course will cover:
» 1. Understanding Yourself - lifestyle, roles, goals, activities, personality traits, yin-yang balance
» 2. Self-esteem, body image, power of dressing
» 3. Body types and how to dress according to them
» 4. Different style personalities, finding your own style personality
» 5. Aesthetics of dressing - principles & elements of design
» 7. Corporate and power dressing - dressing for different kinds of roles, careers
»8. Face shapes and make-up essentials, chic hairstyles
» 9. Creating looks by combining clothes, make-up and accessories/ use of trends
» 10. Personal hygiene and grooming - skincare, hair care, body care etc.
» 13. Wardrobe organization - organization and care of your wardrobe pieces
» 14. Effective shopping - creating a shopping list/planning shopping/missing wardrobe pieces
»15. Body language and its nuances
» 16. Fitness management
» 17. Social etiquette
» 19. Dining etiquette
» 21. Home management essentials
» 22. Positive approach and mental well-being
» 23. Professional behavior, interview skills and etiquette
» 24. Computer skills - MS Office, E-mailing & Internet surfing
» 25. Social media uses, etiquette and image management
Duration :6 Months (48 Hours)
Eligibility : 10+2
Center : Gurgaon
Our mission is to empower YOU with confidence, style, conversation skills and more...